Tuesday, July 30, 2013

                              July 30, 2013

Dear Jane,
     It's unusual that I find myself in a quiet house this time of evening. Jamie is at work, my "littles" are paying a visit to the sandman and my "biggles" are lapping up every last dollop of summertime daylight with neighborhood friends. If I listen quietly, I can hear the heartbeat of summer just outside the door to my left. A heartbeat so constant and so familiar that when I listen... REALLY listen, I am Ten all over again.
     A bit of a bittersweet day over here. It's been Three weeks since Adlers last round of chemotherapy. And what a delicious Three weeks it has been! Weeks filled with all the things that make summer...well, summer. Parades and picnics, bike rides and splash pads, Nanny's house and snow cones, extended bed-times and enough Scooby Doo episodes to make one say: "Zoinks" entirely too often. All in all, it has been an especially vibrant summer. Full of vivid living. Ever aiming to be mindful of the morsels. Ah, the "morsel moments"....You know the ones? The moments that "dog ear" themselves to the pages of your heart? Those sweet morsels are the moments that have carried me. Carried me everywhere I have wanted to go....Even when I didn't know how to get there. Addys ANC counts were once again too low today to administer Chemotherapy. I was a bit surprised....Although, that's one thing Cancer has taught me...Surprise parties are always aimed and at the ready. I had hoped that with so many weeks in between treatment that Addys counts would have time to rebound and that delays would be a thing of the past. But, alas, here we are once more. Adler was so distraught to learn that we'd be making the trek back up to clinic next week. He was so anticipating another long reprieve. As was I. With each additional delay we stretch out this tiresome chapter in our lives. A chapter with entirely too many run-on sentences.
     So, that, my dear Jane is how the events of my day and I suppose even my summer have unfolded. I'll leave a few merriment morsels with you on this beautiful summer evening. I gift to you.... Oliver Tolliver. Teaching us that it's never too late to drink life up through a bendy straw.

Morsels of merriment indeed.

Cricket lullaby's
 to you,



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