Tuesday, July 23, 2013

                              July 23, 2013

Dear Janey,
       Happy Tuesday to you sweet girl. Woke up to balloons, gifts, a raffle and chocolate cake for breakfast. That's how I know I am growing older in my mothering. When McKay and Sammy were little I would never have dreamed to feed them sweets for breakfast. However, as I have swam through more of lifes waters (some filled with cancer rapids), I have come more to know that life isn't just about the "big picture"... but rather, the thousands of polaroid snapshots along the trek. And, it just so happens, todays snapshot included chocolate cake. 

And the winner is: Jennie Wallace

To all who participated (especially Jamie shillig the creator of the quilt)I thank you from the deep well-spring in my momma girls heart. Thank you for swimming the rapids alongside of me and our family. With you by my side....no current is too great to conquer.

   Chocolate cake wishes to  you,

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