Tuesday, June 25, 2013

                            June 25, 2013

Dear Jane,
     Feeling a bit discouraged this afternoon as I sit to write.  Adler was scheduled for Chemotherapy and Scans this morning. However, after his Oncology team reviewed Adlers blood counts from his last Chemotherapy session and compared them to previous rounds, they felt Addy's white blood count (ANC) would be too low to safely move forward with Chemotherapy today. We rescheduled for next Tuesday. Large pieces of me feel so very grateful for the extended break from the pummeling that Chemo delivers. Yet, emotionally, I ache as I realize this extended break leaves me taxi-ing the cancer runway for the next week in preparation once more, for the scans/imaging. We haven't had extensive scans performed since the very beginning of this voyage and I must say my heart feels caught in a constant "treading water" state. It's a "broad spectrum" sort of fear that accompanies the pending scans...Seemingly swallowing me whole everyday.
    In an attempt to swim rather than tread, I want to share with you the sea of love we swam in last Wednesday evening as several young men in our neighborhood (along with dear family friends and even my little brother)raised funds for Adlers treatment by shaving their hair. To watch these beautiful boys (men) so willingly watch their locks fall to the ground in support of my son, was a sight that will linger near forevermore.

And all the kings men
June 19, 2013

Floating ever along,

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