Sunday, May 26, 2013

                                  May 26, 2013


Dear Jane,
     It was an afternoon dressed just like this one...Some Twenty One years ago. An ordinary afternoon and yet extraordinary all the same.
    Twenty One years ago I met my future. My blond haired blue eyed future. And what a future it has been. A future that would "see" me Ten and "raise" me Twenty.
    Man Janey, we were babies. And, as such, have enjoyed a "growth cycle" parallelled to that of a newborn. The good, the bad and the down-right ugly. There have been tantrums and time-outs. Tears and fussiness for no perceivable reason. Gnashing of teeth and power struggles. But, there has also been loveliness that would rival even the sweetest cheeked, plumpest legged, dimpled darlin' that your eyes have ever seen. And, amidst it all...We've chosen love. And, I do think it's a choice Jane. And, often times, not an easy one. One that I continue to pick up, dust off, examine and bandage. A choice that I have found ultimately has everything to do with me....And, me alone. And I choose him. Every. Single. Day. And, I'm infinitely thankful he chooses me back.
                                           "We'll build a sweet
              little nest out there
              in the West and let
              the rest of the world go by."


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