Wednesday, May 22, 2013

                                                                                                       May 22, 2013

Seeds....May 22, 2013

Dear Jane,
     Oh Janey, it's so beautiful here today. It's warm and bright and every time I walk past one of our windows, it's raining seeds. Thousands and thousands of seeds. Makes me wish I were one of them....Just to see where I'd plant myself.
     I've been thinking a lot about seasons of life. How they come and go...Never asking for permission nor validation. They ebb and flow. They wax and wane. And, so it has gone and so it will go.
     The amazing thing about seasons is that they feel so very permanent. So very, very, permanent. And, yet, as I examine the comings and goings of my life...The seasons have morphed and changed and blurred... one sashaying into the next with nary a nod goodbye. Often times, I find myself (especially lately) dusting off my "heart-shelf"....Looking for tokens of the familiar. Trying to remember. How old was McKay when he learned to tie his shoes? How old was Sampson when he lost his first tooth? The last time I nursed Adler....Did I know it was to be the finale? And, little Ollie. Exuberant Ollie. When did he finally begin to sleep through the night? A funny thing about seasons: In their "present" state, they are your everything. It's nearly impossible to imagine anything but. In the doldrums of winter...try as you might, it's hard to believe you'll ever be standing in line at your local snow cone shack digging for quarters for the tip jar. And vice versa....In the heat of a July can scarcely remember what your driveway looks like adorned with its best dressed wintry self. Isn't that funny Jane? Even with a fair portion of life experience tucked within myself...I still forget. I still question the inevitable. Both the bitter and sweet of it all.
     Yes, that's the funny thing about seasons. they are the ultimate optical illusion. Leading us to believe that where we are sitting today will certainly be where we are perched tomorrow. That both good tidings and great trials will linger "as is"....forever. Let us learn from Nature Janey. Let's learn from the seeds that adorn my driveway even as I type. They do not ask why or when Or even for directions. They simply...Let go.

         Going whichever way the wind blows,


  1. Sara, I'm really sorry that Addison is so ill. I've made my donation, and will make another when I can. Your writing, though, is so beautiful. I'm sorry that it took Adler's illness for me to find your amazing, heartfelt writing. Best wishes to you and your family!

    1. ....Bless you for blessing us. My cup runneth over with gratitude for your love and support and kind words. With every bit of love-Sara

  2. Oh Sara, how I miss you. It comforts me to read your beautiful words. You and your sweet Adler are so often in my thoughts and prayers. You are enduring this difficulty with such grace and faith and love. Blessings on all of your heads.