Wednesday, April 10, 2013

                               April 10, 2013

Dear Jane,

     Last evening my Sixteen year old son called me into his bedroom to show me a "video gift" he had made for his little brother. I stood over his shoulder watching. It felt like an "out of body" experience watching Addys story unfold from his older brothers vantage point. Sam, Adler and Ollie sat perched on the lower bunk bed next to me. As the last image on the video faded away....All Five of us just sat. Sat silently. It is a moment in time I will never forget as long as I live....and, I suspect, long after that as well. 

                                        Here's to fixing and fixing
            and fixing some more.




  1. One of these days I might learn not to read your blog at work as I always end it with tears in my eyes. Tears of love, of joy, of sadness, of hope, and mostly of gratitude. Gratitude for you and your amazing family. It looks like McKay has your gift of turning words into love. Video into love and love into more love. all my good for you and your family all day everyday!

  2. Sweet M, I will love you forever and like you for always...Forever and ever my dear girl you'll be. Love you.-Sara