Monday, April 22, 2013

                                                                                                  April 22, 2013

My Adler boy and me October 2005

Dear Jane,
    Dropped my sweet Sampson boy off at school this blustery morning and as I was rounding the bend back home again, the Universe seemed to pick me up, dust me off, gave me a pat on the tush and a wink for good measure and even music to accompany me on my "daytrip" (aren't all days nothing more than a series of "daytrips")?
    Adler was born just past Midnight on October 21st 2005. It had been a stellar blue sky day....My older Two boys home from school enjoying UEA break. I hadn't been feeling well and remember laying in my bed with sunbeams streaming through the window warming the bed and the distinct sound of McKay and Sammy downstairs drinking life up as if through a bendy straw. As the day progressed, so did early labor and I found myself prepping for my Third c-section around Eleven P.M. I remember once hearing that women can live to be One hundred and Two and perhaps might not be able to recall their street address or even their own name....But, chances are, they can recount moment by moment the day their children were born. Isn't that fascinating Janey? Certainly, for me, that feels to be the case. At any rate, I was poked and prodded and prepared for surgery. I remember the white, freckled, ceiling tiles and the way the anesthesiologist's eye glasses reflected off the stethoscope that hung round his neck. But, what I remember the very most about that time where Heaven and Earth were one, was the song that hung heavy in the air as Adler was born. There had been music playing throughout the operation (as there had been for my Two older boys as well)and I had paid little, if no attention to the notes and lyrics. Yet, as they lifted Addy out of my body the song "Let it be" by the Beatles rose out of my womb right along with him. What comfort that song has always been to me...The words almost a prayer of sorts. Certainly true in that instance and even more so this morning as I made my way back home to my sleeping Addy boy.

          "And when the night is cloudy
           there is still a light that
           shines on me...Shine until
           let it be, let it be.
           ...There will be answers.
           Let it be."

                Thank you for being so
                many of my answers,


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