Friday, April 19, 2013

                                                                                              April 19, 2013

Dear Jane,

Midnight Hot cocoa picnic

Adler had a heaven sent day yesterday. No appetite however, despite a moms high Octane pleadings. I did, however, manage to woo him with rootbeer...which he drank as though he'd just crossed the Sahara. As the day made way for evening, Addy got terribly sick. He gnashed his teeth and moaned and looked at me with eyes that begged for answers. I sat on our couch with him....His head on my lap. Finally the sandman took pity on me and invited Addy to sit a spell with him.
Jamie works all weekend. Ugh. Double Ugh. He was scheduled to get home around Eleven P.M. Addy and I lay all cocooned up on the sofa together. Throw up bucket keeping watch and   The sandman begging me to join he and Addy on their sleep voyage. Just before Jamie (and Sampson too) made their way back to the brown house with the green front door...Addy sat up, looked over at me and matter of factly asked me for hot cocoa with a dollop of whip cream for good measure. I have been on this excursion long enough to know...I DON'T know very much at all. What made perfectly good sense yesterday may very well be pig latin today. And, so it goes. I will say, However, if ever given an opportunity for a Midnight hot cocoa picnic...tell the Sandman your dance card is already full... and that Whip cream is especially dreamy at that hour.

Whip cream mustache's aplenty,


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