Sunday, April 14, 2013

                                                                                                   April  14,2013

 First day of chemotherapy

Dear Jane,
     Several days ago Addy and I went for a walk. He's had a relatively gentle week as we've had a welcome reprieve from medicine/drugs of any kind. And, for the most part, Addy has felt well. We were quietly walking side by side  when Adler stopped, looked up and groaned a heavily weighted groan. I said "Addy let's turn around...I don't want you to "over-do" it." He simply shook his head with a "no" attached. We continued forward. After quite some time, Addy looked up at me and said..."If I keep looking at my feet I could walk forever." I was instantly struck by his honest wisdom. Indeed, when we set our "sights" on the persistent questions of tomorrow, we fail to "see" the protruding answers of today.

           "And I took the one less
            traveled by...and that has
            made all the difference." 

                  Forever and a day,