Monday, July 1, 2013


                              July 1,2013
My Sampson love and I June 2012

Dear Janey,
    I am down right astonished that July greeted me this morning. July. Really? I scarcely know how that happened.
     I do so love the month of July. Everything about it. Even the heat. I believe great clarity comes through the heat. I've long admired the Native Americans approach as they seek for higher understanding, peace and answers through soul-drenching/soul cleansing heat. Heat often forces us to be "still." And sometimes, for me, stillness swaddles me like a Mother would her babe.
     My beautiful Sampson was born in July. He'll be Fourteen this month. His soul "fits" his birth-month. Even from the beginning Sam knew that there was great power in "stillness." He is wise beyond his years...And always has been. He's a deep thinker and has such a tender awareness of those around him. Always and in "all-ways" nurturing as he moves through his days. Long ago, I began to say to my boys as I'd tuck them in or drop them off at school... "Hey, it's good to be your mom." Upon Adlers diagnosis, Sampson has taken to yelling over his shoulder as he heads out on a teenage, summertime adventure... "Hey mom, It's so good to be your son." Sam wakes with the desire to help me do whatever needs doing and often his final act of service before he crawls into bed is to carry Adler up to his bed (Since cancer, Adler prefers to fall asleep on a make-shift bed in our family room...He's developed such a fear of being alone). Sam scoops up Adler's weary body and carries him upstairs and tucks him in til' morning. To be a witness to such a sacred exchange is a daily reminder that Heaven is here.
     Adler goes in early tomorrow morning for Chemotherapy and a series of tests/scans. Again, I find myself bowing to the blessed heat which has afforded me the luxury of sitting still long enough to sign a peace treaty with my current reality. I now more fully understand the phenomenal wisdom found in the quote: "When you argue with reality you lose....But only 100% of the time."(Byron Katie)

A few weeks ago, we were given this sweet notecard.  I placed it above my kitchen sink as I find myself standing in that space more than any other. A few days later, I noticed that Sampson had covered up the word "to" and handwritten the word "for" on a scratch of sticky note.  Wise soul indeed.

Hey Janey, it's so good to be
your friend,
-Sara Joy



  1. I heard of you, and your family, thru Sarah Sample on FB and have enjoyed reading your letters here. I just think that sibling love is precious and heavenly and love to see it grow. What a beautiful group of boys.

  2. Sweet Adeline (what a beautiful name) thank you for your kind words and for following our journey chapter by chapter. It's lovely to know you're cheering us on. So very many loves to you-Sara