Tuesday, July 16, 2013

                               July 16, 2013

Dear Jane,
frequent flyers July 16, 2013

 .....Woke up with Adler on the side of my bed. "Mom, mom, I've already brushed my teeth and I got my clothes on. Can I go to Tennessee?" It just so happens that he can. A dear, soul drenched, woman by the name of Terri McAllister Hincks read my blog post about the sojourns Adler has taken while waiting for Chemotherapy to be administered. Adler has arrived at each "chemo- destination" by way of a magical medical exam stool. In reading my post, Terri remembered she had a set of wheels of her own...A decked out, bedazzled, Harley Davidson "work stool" set of wheels. Terri dropped the stool off at Jamies office. Jamie loaded it up and brought it home. Around Seven O'clock we heard a knock at the door. Adler raced to answer it. And there sat Jamie on the "Harley portal." "Hey Adler, how do you feel about Egypt at sunset?"....And, they were off, just like that. I should have awoken extra early to pack sack lunches. The Seven Wonders are a lot to take in...in a day. Bless you Terri McAllister Hinks for giving us wings and wheels. We'll send you a postcard when we get there.

                                          "And he sailed back over a year
                                            and in and out of weeks
                                            and through a day
                                            and into the night."

                                                     ...Let the wild rumpus begin,

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